Sign Language Course

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Basic Sign Language Course

South African Sign Language

South African Sign Language (SASL) is the primary sign language used by deaf people in South Africa. SASL is not entirely uniform and continues to evolve. Due to the geographical spread of its users and past educational policies, there are localised dialects of SASL and signs with many variants.

Basic Sign Language Course Outline

Module 1: The Language & Alphabet

Module 2: Greetings & Courtesies

Module 3: Hand-shape, Location, Movement & Orientation

Module 4: Grammar & Tenses

Module 5: Classifiers, Questions & Negation

Module 6: My Environment

Module 7: The Mouth, Iconicity & Temporal Aspects

Module 8: Pronouns

Module 9: Conversations

Module 10: Understanding Deafness

Module 11: Sign Language Culture