English Language Course

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English Language Course

The English Language

English is a globally spoken language with roots in the Germanic languages of early medieval England. It has evolved over centuries and developed into a major international language. As a West Germanic language, English is known for its flexibility, borrowing words from various languages, particularly Latin and French. It serves as a primary or secondary language in many countries and is a prominent language in fields such as science, technology, business, and diplomacy. English has a vast vocabulary and varied dialects, reflecting its widespread use across continents. As a lingua franca, it facilitates communication between speakers of different native languages and plays a crucial role in global communication, education, and culture.

Basic English Course Outline

Module 1: Pronunciation & Numbers

Module 2: Greetings & Forms of Address

Module 3: Making Appointments

Module 4: Gender Forms & Structuring Sentences

Module 5: Verbs & Tenses

Module 6: Nouns

Module 7: Questions & Answers

Module 8: Office Vocabulary & Instructions

Module 9: Your Workplace